Best Employee Handbook Ever

If anybody has the gall to resurrect sluggish, nerdy old Microsoft from its very public playground-esque beatdown by Apple in the recent "Mac vs. PC" campaign, its these guys. Crispin Porter + Bogusky have been behind Coke Zero's "taste confusion" lawsuit with its more classic brother, freaked people out with Whopper shortages, and got the Burger King King in bed with Brooke Burke. Surely they can get Mac to say uncle by year's end. With a $300m retainer, they better.

With employee guidelines like "don't throw sand" and no meeting policies, they seem to be headed in the right direction. They may need to reeducate Ballmer a bit, because I'm pretty sure he can't take a piss without holding a staff meeting to figure out who's job it is to zip him up.

Check out CPB's website for a full list of their work.