Youtube in Some More Hot Water

Yet another suit has been filed against Google's Youtube for copyright infringement, this time all the way over in Italy. The suit, filed today in Rome courts, is seeking $779M in damages for illegal use of its copyrighted material. Scrapers from Mediaset, Italy's largest television broadcaster (controlled by Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi), found "at least 4,643 videos and clips, equivalent to more than 325 hours of transmission without having rights." They claim that is equal to 315,672 days worth of broadcasting. Now, that number is questionable, considering the videos were posted after the shows aired, but who's counting? Only the courts, researchers, press and Google. Nobody of real importance.

Google is also facing a $1B lawsuit from Viacom (the famed Daily Show squabble), which puts a good amount of pressure on the Google legal team.