The Amazing Power of Recommendation; It Still Gets Me

Read something –> check it out –> “yup, looks useful” –> “so-and-so would dig this” –> recommend –> warm fuzzy feeling. That’s the step-by-step process of what just happened to me upon reading about BellStrike, a little service that helps non-profits and charities get a site up and running (that accepts donations) in a few minutes. It’s the OnePager app for the non-profit world, and it was sweet enough for me to shoot off an email with a link to a few friends who work in that space. It’s definitely a real problem they’re solving, and would actually be useful.

So why did I take 2 minutes to go through this process of selfless promotion for a humble entrepreneur? Give a little, get a little, the delicate balance of word of mouth. I felt good, I helped out a few friends, I got a story to tell. That’s certainly enough value to get me to copy/paste a link and compose a message in Sparrow. Are you providing an experience that inspires this action? Is Zylie? We ask ourselves that all the time, and we like to think we do, but it’s impossible to know unless you hear it from an unfiltered, unbiased stranger who just went through the motions. So whoever created BellStrike, you’re doing it right. Cheers.