Wufoo is Awesome

Just yesterday I signed up for Wufoo for the first time. Today I see an article at the top of Hacker News, it’s an interview with the founders on Mixergy regarding their early success and eventual sale toSurveyMonkey for $35 million. A lot of the comments correctly point out how simple the service is, and who’d have thought a form builder would fetch that amount of money? Before yesterday, I would have wondered myself. But after spending 5 minutes building a form for an awards program we’re launching for Zylie (stay tuned for more on that), I get it. It’s got that same light-heartedness asMailChimp (another service we use frequently), the customer experience and personal touch of Zappos, and the elegance and simplicity that only Y Combinator boot camp could extract. I love this story, I love this service, and I’ve heard they’re sending hand-written notes to each new user…so I hope they haven’t given up that tradition post-acquisition, cuz it’s something I not only value as a customer, but it’s something I do myself with every new customer of our’s.