Ryan Singer on Mocking Up

Ryan always has great insights into the design process, their roundtable discussions on how they design was eye-opening, a must-listen. For me, I’m lousy with Photoshop and worthless with code, but I’m obsessed with Keynote, and like the man said, if you’re fast with your tools (muscle memory, application knowledge, shortcuts, etc), it lowers the barriers to rapid-prototyping significantly. I probably mock up 3-4 designs a day, whether I need to or not. Some of those go out and we explore them further, some of them are just me seeing what our site would look like re-imagined in the spirit of Crate&Barrel, or Dribbble, or Diapers.com. Keynote is great for stuff like that, and it’s been incredibly useful for email templates, new banners or artwork, and we’re even starting our redesign process in Keynote now. Great tool to get to know.