Facebook is Getting Kind of Creepy

This is starting to bother me. I haven’t used Facebook as a personal user for a while (I use it for our Zylie the Bear page pretty frequently), so anytime I’m asked to “Login with Facebook” it’s pretty much a deal breaker. I’m always skeptical what that action will do, and now with all the recent hoopla they’ve kicked up about sharing without consent, automatic sharing, and this timeline business has only exacerbated that trepidation. Take Turntable.fm. Someone who’s opinion I trust tweeted about them months ago, and as soon as I saw the Facebook login, I closed the window. I kept reading about them, but didn’t sign up until last week, and even that was begrudgingly. Same with Spotify, which I opted out of the Facebook connect option with. Now the ONLY way to login is with Facebook, which concerns me. I know Sean Parker is playing with both sides there, and that’s probably the connection, but to be honest I’d rather login with Twitter than with Facebook…to me that makes a lot more sense. I’m already seeing 10+ news feed items about Spotify playlists when I do check Facebook, and that’s after a week of integration. It’s going to get out of control, and turn into a whole lotta noise very quickly. I know that music CAN be social, but this isn’t the way to do it, much less the ONLY way. I absolutely love Spotify, but if it’s dependent on me sharing everything with Facebook, I’m out…I’ll head over to Rdio or MOG instead.

The timeline is a neat idea that is being resurrected at Facebook, but it opens up a whole other can of worms with what is private info and what is public. Already things from my freshmen year of college are populating the early years of my Facebook timeline, and their privacy controls are so (purposefully) confusing it’s hard to know what will be visible and what won’t. This headache will only get worse as they try to expand their reach and graph. When you reach critical mass like they have, it’s no longer about adding users but extending and amplifying reach and data…the more you know about your users, the more targeted your advertising could be. Which is why I installed the “Disconnect Facebook” extension on Chrome, just because.