Go see this movie. You’ll want to immediately run and find something to disrupt. Anything, anything that can be outplayed by hard work and a new perspective. Anything that could use a fresh take, a shake-up, an underdog. This is a movie about baseball. But it’s also a movie about every unmatched fight, be it sports, business, politics, life…and it’s so visceral, which is probably Hollywood, but there’s this real emotional element that’s hard to deny throughout the entire film. Even if the movie is about intellect winning, intellect beating the system, it’s still raw enough to make you sweat when the A’s blow an 11-run lead. Because it’s hard to detach the emotional layer from anything, let alone something as meaningful as sports, which tells such a good story when it has to. It doesn’t hurt to have Michael Lewis retelling the story, and Aaron Sorkin adapting it to film either. But this movie has heart, and it’s inspiring, it makes you want to do something. And if you’re already doing something, it makes you want to do it better, harder, smarter than your competition. Cuz that’s what it’s all about. That’s why we’re in this. So, seriously, go see this film. I just went by myself to a 10:20pm showing in Port Chester, and don’t regret a second of it.