Viewing Things Through Your Own Filters

It’s funny how when you get on a “kick” for something, all of a sudden the whole universe seems to be talking about exactly that topic. There are two explanations to this phenomenon. Either there is some sort of cosmic alignment of ideas where everyone magically starts thinking and writing and talking about the same thing simultaneously and without prompting, or you see what you want to see and find what you want to find. The past week, I’ve been obsessed with “product-driven” strategies, and started digging into the philosophies of a few notable startups/founders using this methodology. All of a sudden, the resources on this topic opened up, and not just things from the past. New articles, written in the past few days, about that exact topic (see “What Exactly Is A Product Manager?”, “Creating an Entrepreneurial Startup Culture”, “Minimum Viable Personality,” the list goes on…). This is a very helpful phenomenon, it allows me to consume topics like the Cookie Monster consumes cookies: feverishly. And when the kick has passed, I’m left with a nice new set of outlooks and ideals. How productive.