The Quick Decision Purchase - A Contextual Funnel

“How did I get here?” That was the question I asked myself while my mouse hovered over the “Checkout Now” button on last night. The path you take to get somewhere is just as much about the context as it is about the directions from A-to-B. In fact, I think it’s much more about context than anything else.

Last night I was scrolling through Tumblr, saw Dennis Crowley had reblogged Bijan Sabet’s post on “Believers and Non-Believers,” which I subsequently reblogged too, but not before heading over to Bijan’s tumblr and checking it out. I had followed it back when I first joined Tumblr many moons ago, but since I’ve started a new account recently, I hadn’t re-added him. First off, he has an awesome blog, so do yourself a favor and follow it. But more interestingly, one post down was a link to the Behance Outfitter :: Dot Grid Journal, with a note that said “my favorite notepads, just ordered more.” That made me think “cool, Bijan likes these, and he has good taste, and I just hit the last page of my Field Notes pads, let me see what these are all about.” I clicked the link and immediately hit “Add to cart.” Then went back and actually changed my order to the Dot Grid Cahier (it’s easier to slip in your back pocket and much cheaper). Then saw the book “Making Ideas Happen,” and ordered that as well. 1 minute. Free acquisition. The power of recommendation at work. The power of CONTEXT at work. It’s hard to beat that, the combination of a great enough product to get someone talking about it, then the power of influence from a taste-maker, then the power of visibility to get that recommendation noticed, then back to a great product to get that conversion. Such a cool progression.