The Founder / Cofounder Email Signature

Receiving an email with a signature like the one above is a nice feeling. You instantly feel like you’re getting the attention you deserve–or more than you deserve–even if it’s a simple customer service question (as the case was with Joseph, who is the cofounder of a great product called HelloFax). It’s a powerful tool for a company in its early stages, which is why I do the same thing with all of the emails we receive. I love getting to talk directly to potential customers, bloggers, or anyone who has a question. It’s an advantage we have over our larger competitors, who have giant call centers of customer service reps and who go home at 5pm.

In the past two days, I’ve spoken with the “cofounders” of two YCombinator companies, HelloFax andGiftRocket. HelloFax because I was having an issue receiving a fax (it ended up being a problem on the sender’s side, not the service itself), and GiftRocket because I’m thinking of doing a promotion for Zylieusing their service to help drive foot traffic to local toy stores during the holidays (more on that in a future post). But it’s just a great feeling getting a reply from such a large stakeholder in the thing you’re using, it’s reassuring and comforting, and yes, it makes you feel special. To everyone who does this, you’re awesome and keep it up.