Consistency is Key

This is Dave Grohl at the Foo Fighters show last night at MSG. Dave started the concert off with a message to all of us audience members: “Get comfortable, we’ve got a lot of songs we want to play for you.” Everyone went nuts upon hearing that they would be playing well over 3 hours of music. And they did. And not a second of it was boring. And they even played some of their most popular songs in the first 40 minutes, leaving us to wonder how they could possibly keep the energy up throughout. But they did, because Dave and his band have been doing it for 17 years. And for 17 years they’ve delivered consistently great music and great performances. Dave is a master, not only can he play the drums, guitar, sing and produce with a wide range of genres and artists, he knows the power of lasting value. He refuses to let up, and drift into a greatest hits era. His audience is mixed with olds and new fans alike, everyone is there from a different entry point, and everyone is psyched because it’s all good. If companies thought with this kind of mentality, if everyone focused this much on the long-term plan, the world would be a better place. Dave wouldn’t worry about hitting the next quarter’s estimates, he’s worried about his customers, that’s it. Everything else falls into place. The Foo Fighters are an amazing band, for more reasons than their music. There’s a lesson to be learned there, but first, listen to their music. Because it is really, really good.