Solve for the Unknown

Shower thought: everyone encounters two kinds of variables, constants and unknowns. Constants cannot change, but can be used to solve for the unknowns. When a situation has reached a point where you can’t go back and change anything else and all you’re doing is rehashing ways you could have done better, it’s time to accept that variable as a constant, place it in the right spot in the equation, and focus on how that gets you closer to solving the larger problem. Not that learning from your mistakes should be overlooked. But in the heat of things, I’ve learned, it’s more prudent to focus your energy on solving for the next–usually bigger–variable, and hopefully solving that equation and putting it to bed. There will always be more variables and more equations, with endless unknowns, so making sure you’re focusing on the right things and not dwelling on the wrong things is super important. It’s super difficult too, because it’s natural to say “what went wrong?” But there will be time for that when the dust settles (I hope), and plowing ahead in search of more answers and solutions is much more crucial.