Keeping Track

I’ve been using iDoneThis for almost 2 years now to keep a daily log of what I do each day. Work stuff. Life stuff. Eating. Sleeping. Everything. I’m not perfect, and miss days here and there. But recently I’ve noticed what a profound impact that small habit has had on my life. Just the simple act of taking 2 minutes (iDoneThis tells you it should take 30 seconds, but my memory isn’t that sharp) to think about and write down the things you accomplished that day is cathartic in itself.

But having a log that you can go back to every now and then, and see how far you’ve come, where your mind is now vs. a year ago (they have a neat TimeHop-esque feature that reminds you what you “Got Done” 3 months, 6 months, and a year ago) is a great booster.

Everyone has ups and downs, but starting and running a company often increases the frequency of that wave, and often the amplitude. Big highs one day, crushing lows the next. Keeping things in perspective and taking time to celebrate the small successes is extremely important. For me, this activity has helped remind me to do that.

iDoneThis also has a neat feature where you can see what terms you use most often in a word cloud, and you can see how the use of those words changes over time. The adjectives I use have trended much more positive the past year, which I guess is a good thing :)

Given how hyper-connected we all are now, and how much more information we consume each day, taking a quick break to write things down is important. Even a handwritten journal would work, but my handwriting isn’t that good.